We started Gather with a simple idea:  to make a lunchbox that worked and which would be kind to the planet.  We were frustrated with what we’d seen and used and wanted to make a quality product that was easy to use and would last. We knew we wanted something that was both beautiful and functional.  We saw the immense waste that resulted daily from using single-use packaging like plastic baggies and other products that were individually wrapped.

Gather offers you a premium product that is beautiful to look at and does what it is supposed to do.  The Gather lunchbox is designed to last, is easy to use, easy to clean, and perhaps best of all, it is good for the planet. Our lunchbox is also made in the U.S. We encourage users to buy products in bulk rather than in individual packaging. 

While we set out to make a quality lunchbox that would last, Gather is a lot more than a lunchbox.  The name Gather – Better Together came about because we believe food and meals are better when shared with friends and family.  We encourage you to bring together loved ones and friends and enjoy meals together, free from devices and full of conversation.  Take a picture of youself or your group sharing a meal and send it to us at:  www.gatheressentials.com/.  Whether it’s a picture of you and your family eating together in your own backyard or you and a friend climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, we’d love to see how you Gather! Come back to our website often to check out quick and easy recipes to help change up the daily routine of food preparation at:  www.gatheressentials.com/recipes.

At Gather, we strive to bring friends and family together to share meals and conversation with a great looking lunchbox. 

Elizabeth Karger - Bio

As a co-founder of Gather and mom to three kids, Elizabeth leads a busy life.  She is passionate about the Gather lunchbox and bringing people together over good food and about reducing unnecessary waste.  She considers her three kids to be very much works-in-progress, but the best things she’s ever created, which is saying a lot given that she loves this lunchbox.  When she is not creating new things, she loves to grow food in her garden, play the guitar (not air), and take vacations to new places.  She grew up in California and currently lives in Oakland, CA with her husband, three kids, and golden retriever, Rocket.

Nico Julian – Bio

Nico is a co-founder of Gather and the resident mad scientist.  From an early age, he was singularly focused on drawing rockets and all things engineering. Nico is constantly coming up with new ideas or new ways for how to do things, so when it came time to create a new lunchbox, he was up for the task. Nico regularly uses the math he learned in school, sometimes speaks in riddles, and routinely has to figure out how many jelly beans there actually are in the jar.  What might be considered “ruining the fun” to others not so inclined is the magic for Nico.  Nico likes riding bikes, traveling, and cooking and lives in Oakland, CA.