Smoky TTLA Sandwich

We here at Gather, Inc. believe in helping the Earth. One of the single greatest threats to our climate is raising livestock. All of us can help by trying to eat less meat. Try this version of Whole Foods' TTLA sandwich and you'll never miss eating meat. It's smokey and pure deliciousness.


Lightlife Organic Fakin' Bacon Tempeh Strips

Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise

Wholegrain Bread

Sliced Tomato


Sliced Pickles

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Once you have all the ingredients, this goes together in a cinch. You can pre-prepare the Tempeh Strips the night before, if you like. Fry the tempeh strips with olive oil until brown and crispy on each side.  Once cooled, slice the wholegrain bread and spread a generous amount of the vegenaise on both sides. Place the tempeh strips, sliced tomato, lettuce and pickles, if using, on one side of the bread.  Add salt and pepper to taste and don't forget to hold it together with a toothpick before placing it in your Gather lunchbox so it stays in one piece. You and your kids will love this sandwich and you'll be doing something great for the environment at the same time!